Oct 30, 2008


We received the boys report cards last week and I have had little time to just sit and share with our family how well they did. Michele over that An Adoptive Family's Life blog reminded me that I hadn't shared with the family and since i know most if not all the family comes to read what is going on with the kids thought I better let ya'll know. We are so proud of both boys!

Jaron has a very tough teacher this year! Put it this way, if Jaron does not put the date on his papers he gets 5-10 points taken off so even if he had a 100% if he forgets that date he ends up with a 90-95%. Which really stinks cause how many 8 year olds remember to put a date on things? I mean I am good to remember to put a date on letters and cards I send out. Anyway the boy did fantastic for his first grading period! He got all B's and A's! YAY JARON! I know he could have had all A's had he just applied himself a little more. But as we stress with all the kids all we really want is for them to do their absolute very best!

In fact that is the theme in children's church this year. Doing everything in excellence to give God the glory. I stress every week as long the kids are doing their absolute best in school academically and behaviorally then they are giving God the glory through their actions. I explain to them how their actions and behavior can be a witness of God's love and work in their lives to their classmates and to their teacher. They all are doing great!

As you know if you have been reading this blog for any time, Kristofer had a very hard time the first 7 weeks of this grading period. But we have a fantastic group of people from the OT assistant, his teacher Mrs Moore down to the lunch aides. They really stepped up to help him move forward and push through that difficult transition. He is doing so much better! Although I am sitting her listening to him and Eli playing this morning. Just when I though all the kids would be back in school today...he woke up with pink eye in both eyes and Eli has it in one eye as well. I can't wait for my kids to all be well at the same time!

Anyway, we were sure how Kris was doing academically. WE see his papers but I don't keep every page that is sent home. We were pleasantly surprise to see his grades! At our school the grading system lists the percentages but until they are in 3rd grade they actually receive S, N, & U. I was expecting more "N" but he had all "S" and one "N" in PE. His actually percentages were As and Bs. His percentages were even higher than Jaron's. Which surprised Jaron. SO we are very happy with how he is doing! His behavior in class has gotten a lot better to.

We know that for Kristofer academics present struggles for him and he needs the extra one on one instruction to help him push through to focus and get his work done. Jaron told us that he is super proud of Kristofer but thought the special ed teacher was giving him the answers. We had to explain that the special ed teacher does what I do, and works one on one and helps him focus not give him the answers. That made Jaron feel better and he shared how he was worried Kristofer wouldn't be smart.

Jaron is such a great big brother. He worries about Kristofer and loves playing with him. He gets so frustrated when Kristofer goes into his own world. But he understand that when they get home from school Kristofer needs time to retreat from "having" to participate and be attentive to things going on in the room. It's just his way of destressing. We all need that time when we "escape" from the pressures of the day for me writing and playing video games gives me that escape.

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