Oct 12, 2008


October is Pastor Appreciation Month. Today our congregation surprised us with a love offering and some kind words. Then tonight we were surprised with a small party with some yummy cake, banana pineapple punch and these beautiful red roses. Many in our congregation show us through out the year how much they care about us through small things such as watching our kids for us when we needed to go as a couple for the results of the evals for Kristofer or when I had knee surgery, the ladies made us dinner every night for a month.
If you are not in ministry can just encourage you to show your pastors how much you appreciate them. If you can do anything big because of money, a card of encouragement will do! If you can do more but don't know what to do ~ something from the heart means the most! But respecting your pastor's family time is extremely important! As a pastor's wife who works along side her husband in ministry any time we can spend together as a family outside of the ministry is cherished. Anytime we can spend together without a phone call or a scheduled event we must attend is cherished.
Now don't get me wrong! We love being in the ministry! We are servants by heart! e love teaching and leading others to Christ! But we are also human just like you, we need to be able to just be a family. So respect your pastor's time and wait till the morning if your call is not an emergency.
This month take time to tell or show your pastors how much you appreciate all they do for you, your family and your church! They do much more than you may think they do. It's all the small things that we do that make the ministry continue to flow! We do all of these things to reach the lost for Christ and if it wasn't for the strength that He gives us we could not accomplish all things for HIS GLORY!

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