Oct 18, 2008

God's Blessings!

Been meaning to post this all week. It's been a bit busy and crazy around here and as the Christmas season approaches it's just going to get even more crazy. But this week we saw God intervene on our behalf and bless us or our kids in a fantastic way!
This week we had an important meeting about getting resources for Kristofer. While I was sitting in the waiting room I could hear a not so nice woman who just sounded terrible. Another person leaned over and asked if this was the first meeting I was having for our son and I said yes. He says to me, "you will see that woman and she is not nice, scary in fact." I didn't know how to respond but I started praying that I would get someone else to talk to. Well let me tell you God heard my prayers even though I never spoke a word! When I was called back I got the nicest lady who told me I was a last minute addition to her schedule and that she would be helping me figure things out. I have to say it was definitely a God thing! After going over our case with Kristofer we talked for 30 mins about GOD! It was awesome. She is a Christian who is searching for a church. She lives an hour from our church so ours is not close to her but we had a fantastic conversation. I left feeling so relieved and excited about what the future holds.
Then on Thursday I responded to an ad on line through a community yahoo group its sorta like freecycle.com but the items are not free just sold for under $50. We purchased a game table. This table has 14 different games from table soccer to chess. I mean it has so much to do the kids have been having a ball. Yes I should have saved it for Christmas but ya know what, the church honored our family and they have been showing us how much they appreciate us this month and this was one way we were able to show our kids how much we appreciate what they go through with us for the ministry!
We showed Facing the Giants at church as a community outreach and after having some wonderful hot apple cider, coffee, popcorn balls and a whole lot of yummy deserts, Saturday night. We had a great turnout. Most if not a those in attendance had never seen the movie so that was really cool! Tonight we are using the big screen again and showing "The Pirates that Don't Do Anything!" Can't wait! The kids are so excited about it. Hoping we have a big turn out. Plan to take some pictures if I can keep my camera from dying again. This morning (Sunday AM) the children's ministries took over the main service. Naturally I forgot the camera. I need to have it strapped to my hip! Jaron and another child did announcements and helped be the back up singers during the worship service. We had two of our girls take offering and then Sean and I tag teamed preached. Actually Elmer (our mascot in CC) and I preached the first part of the service and then Sean took over the last part. I believe the kids had a great time as did I and Elmer. It is always fun to have the kids participate and get the adults to participate as well.

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