Jul 31, 2008

All I have within me...

This past Sunday we had the opportunity to worship with our friends at their church in Mt. Sterling, Ky. Unfortunately at this time the name of the church escapes me, but it is a great church!
Anyway, during the worship time we were singing "Lord I Give You My Heart!"

This is my desire
To honour You
Lord, with all my heart
I worship You
All I have within me
I give You praise
All that I adore
Is in You

Lord, I give You my heart
I give You my soul
I live for You alone
Every breath that I take
Every moment I'm awake
Lord, have Your way in me
© 1995 Hillsongs Australia

It is my all time favorite song. The worship leader took a few minutes in between singing the song to share what the Lord was impressing on his heart at the time. The basics of that message was this; "Even when all you have left is the breath that you breath, all that you have left is your heart, all you have left to give to God is as small as a mustard seed of faith, 'It's MORE than ENOUGH for God!" After he shared there was something that broke spiritually. I know for me, I realized that yes there are times that all I have to give is that last breath. God wants all of us, all of our time, all of our heart, all of our lives, every aspect - He wants to be apart of. Not just the parts of our lives we are willing to lay down. He is a HUGE God and He wants it all. So when at times I am at my weakest point He wants to be the strength I rely on. When I am at my darkest hour ~ He wants to be the Light that fills the darkness. When I am at my happiest ~ He wants to be part of that Joy.
Personally I have been struggling in a few areas. Physically with my knees and the lack of mobility that entails. Thankfully I can say I am getting better. I mean last week I went tubing with my kids! Oh let me tell you I am paying for it physically this week. But I haven't stopped. I can't I have 4 kids, a husband, a house to run and lets not forget my responsibilities at church.... SO yes if you ask me ~ I am hurting but I am not quiting. I have been battling depression but I am getting the victory over that too! You see, God is my strength and even when all I have left to give is as small as a grain of a mustard seed (Matt 17:20) I can tell this mountain that stands before me to move and it will. It may not move the way I want it to but if God is in charge I can trust Him for the outcome!

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Angela said...

I also love this song!!!!!