Jul 24, 2008


Oh the beauty of the Tennessee Mountains....Just breath taking. So peaceful here. I can't tell you how blessed we are! Our best friends Mike and Marty have gone above and beyond in blessing us with this beautiful cottage they paid for, for our vacation! What a nice relaxing place to just soak in the air, sun and good times with great friends. I will be taking more pictures ad then will post later tonight. So much fun here! We so badly need this vacation. Our friends are such blessings to us. We arrived and as soon as we came in the door we saw posters with scriptures about refilling restoration and replenishing. Then our friends told Sean and I to sit down, they washed our feet. Never had that done before, very humbling! They then prayed for us to have a blessed and time of relaxing and restoration.

Here are a few pictures of the place we are staying at. But I will post pictures I took later tonight. Right now we are heading to the pool!!! and HOT TUB just what the doctor ordered!

This is what our cottage looks like. Ours is not on the side of a mountain but we do have a pretty nice view when the sun rises over the mountains.

This is the main buildings. Lots of places to stay all very nice! It's a time share place called Sunrise Ridge in Pigeon Forge, TN.
This morning, we here a knock at the door and Mike is standing there, "Crispy Creme Donut delivery." Dropped off a dozen donuts and disappeared! They were warm and creamy! YUMMY!

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