Jul 18, 2008

Results of Assessment

SO we went to SIU this morning. Kristofer was a very chatty boy today. Unfortunately the Child Development & Behavioral Specialist had a very difficult time understanding him. As did I. The results basically were inconclusive. Basically today's assessment was to see if he qualified for the next level of evaluations. The results are that Kris is in need of further evaluations. So sometime in Aug. we will get a call about the appointment time in the fall. Since it is a college research/treatment facility they schedule the evaluations by semester.
All in all we are very positive about the appointment today. We feel validated that there is something unique about Kristofer. It helps us know that we haven't been reading into his behavior and looking for something that isn't there.
We have been told so many times that "we are reading into things, that he is a normally developing child, he is fine, he's just a boy, he's just hyper, you need to discipline him more, you need to stop babying him." This just proves what we have always known that he is special! So we will go for the next level of evals and deal with what ever is found through the different assessments and observations. What ever the results it doesn't matter to us, Kristofer is the best kid in the world...as are the other 3 kiddos in this house!

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