Jul 16, 2008

Conversations with Kristofer

The last few days have been interesting around our house. The kids are all ready in my opinion to head back to school. SO Kristofer and I have had some very interesting conversations lately. Let me share a few...

Last night I tried to high light my hair myself, yes I was being brave but I knew if it didn't look good I could cover it with color again. Well after the job was done, Kris came around the corner and stood there and said, "Where is my Mommy?" At least 10 times if not more. At first I thought he was joking it is something I say to him when he gets his hair cut because he gets his hair cut few and in between if you know what I mean. He HATES having his hair cut, sends him in to orbit so to speak. Ask my Mom or Sister Jeanette, they'll tell you what its like to cut his hair. Anyway, I told him I was right here. Later since Sean is working the late shift, Kris wanted to sleep in "Mommy's" bed. He laid there with the pillow and blanket over his head crying. I asked him what was wrong, "I don't remember what my Mommy looks like. I don't like your hair and I want my Mommy back!" It took me 30 mins if not longer to get him to calm down. He told me, "Your face is my Mommy's but your hair is not. I want my Mommy back." It broke my heart because he was serious he wasn't playing a game.
I promised I would fix my hair in the morning and that seemed to settle him. BTW I hated my hair too and proceeded to cover it up this morning. When he got up this morning, he said, "Now you're my Mommy again."
Kris really has a hard time with change. He had a hard time seeing me as his Mommy because my hair was different. It was the first time he has vocalized it this way. Guess I better not go get highlights when he is in school, he might think I ran away. (LOL) But seriously, this week has been interesting. It seems like God is allowing me to see a variety of things with him that I don't normally pay attention to. See on Friday we have our first initial eval. to determine if further testing is warranted for determination if Kristofer is autistic or has asbergers a form of autism.
Last night we also had game night. No computer, no tv, just card and board games. I have to say I was looking forward to playing the games with my kids. Even Candy Land Dora! But what was suppose to be fun turned into a screaming nightmare! I am not kidding there was a lot of screaming going on...all by Kristofer. There were situations where due to his sister moving her seated position it confused him and he took his turn out of turn. The others complained and he went screaming into and between our mattresses in our bedroom. Upset because "he broke the rules" and "I have to play by the rules" (his statements).
Then came the board games, he had to be in charge at all times, yelled if we didn't do as he said to and it got to where no one wanted to play anymore because he was being so bossy. I have never really paid much attention to it till now. But I realize now that when he is playing with his siblings he wants to be in control of what happens and can not handle it things do not go the way he has planned out in his head.
Then tonight...which has been a relatively calm night for him we were laying in bed, him, Eli and myself as I sang them their bedtime songs and said their prayers. Kris says to me, " Mommy God is not fair." I asked "why" and he says, " when it is super hot I have to come inside and when it is super cold I have to come inside." "That is not fair!" I was just dumb founded. I have no idea where that came from or what he had been thinking about. Most of the time this kid amazes me. Other times I just sit and wonder what God has in store for him.
Isn't it fun to be a part of something remarkable. To us our Kristofer is remarkable!

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