Jul 17, 2008

Days of yesterday....hopeful for tomorrow!

So, lately I have been watching my kids...growing up right in front of me. I think it has really hit me that this school year will be the last one that I have kiddos at home even if it is only half the day. The twins will once again go to pre-K for half the day starting in Aug. I can't believe they are now 4 1/2 yrs old. Where has the time gone? I mean, I know it flies by but I honestly don't remember the first two years of their lives. It sure is a good thing I have lots and lots of pictures! Of which I have to share some baby bath pictures and pictures of today.

Eli & Sara 14 mo old.

Sara & Eli 4 1/2 yrs old

They just love each other so much! Soon they will be to old to play in the tub together. They are growing up fast! Sara was playing hair dresser on Eli's hair and I just had to take a picture. It's been a while since I took bath time pictures. I surely enjoyed this one. They were being so silly.

Hopeful for tomorrow...

Tomorrow we head to SIU for the initial interview and evaluations for autism. We will know that day whether the team of 8-10 people believe that more evaluations are warranted. Please pray that Kristofer is able to be himself. The Kristofer we see on a daily basis. So that we get an accurate decision about what he is dealing with and what his needs are. We have been waiting for this day for 3 years and 3 months to be honest. So please if you pray, just pray that the truth be shown and so we can rejoice either way. This week has been a very strange week for us. Things we have never paid much attention to have become very "in our face" so to speak. Some of the behavior issues we have been dealing with, with him, have been exaggerated this week. He has really been off so to speak.

I will definitely post tomorrow about our adventures tomorrow!

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