Jul 26, 2008

My Dad

Yesterday, while we were tubing and having a great time, we got a call from my mom and my sister and then a few emails from my sister-n-law that there had been an accident. It about flipped me out when I got the calls saying Dad is in the hospital and is going into surgery...call home!

My Dad who will be 61 this year was working as he always does (the man doesn't know how to take a real vacation...always working), was up on a ladder about 4 feet up and something let loose and he fell one way as the ladder fell another. He ended up landing full force on his knee and from the X-rays and C-Scan he shattered the lateral tibial horn. The surgeon had to piece is back together, do a bone graft and then put a plate in there to hold it all together. The poor guy is going to be off his leg for 8-12 weeks. I feel terrible for him becuase I know the type of pain he is in. Having screws placed in your bone is not fun. Although my knee surgery was different I know the pain is still the same...it hurts bad!

I talked to him this morning, I could tell he was on the verge of tears and my dad doesn't cry that often or at least he doesn't let us see it. I am so grateful that my Mom had my three brothers, their wives, my sister and her husband all there to support her during yesterday's events. Thank you guys, I know Mom really needed you guys...wish I could be there right now too!

My brothers - Bryan, Chris and Ron

Jeanette & her husband Neil

My Dad means the world to me. He has been a solid figure in my life! My parents married young (Dad was 21 and Mom was 14) and yes you read that right. I was a surprise and Mom always says, a nice surprise. They will be married 39 years this Oct. You go Mom and Dad!

So Dad who works even on his vacations (building a vacation home in West Liberty, KY) is going to be off his feet for a while. Not sure who is going to be more crazy, my Dad or my Mom! Mom hang in there if you have to wheel him into the garage and leave him there in his "workshop" it might be a good break for you! LOL!

Please keep my Dad and my Mom in prayer. He needs healing and she is going to need strength to deal with him being cooped up! Also pray for financial blessings. My Dad is self employed and there for does not have workman's comp and they have no insurace. Please pray for healing, financial blessings and stregnth for both. Thanks everyone!~

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