Jul 28, 2008

Good to be home!

Finally we are home. Honestly to go on vacation takes so much work before and after. Thankfully I was able to do some laundry while in TN so I only have a small load to do but I have all the suit cases to unpack...UGH!

Saturday we left TN traveled through the Smokey Mountains National Park, through Gaitlinburg and then headed back to KY with our friends. We stopped and got some fantastic pictures of the mountains before we left!

We visited our friends church on Sunday morning. It is so nice to be able to visit and enjoy Sunday morning worship without being responsible for what needs to be done. Don't get me wrong we love being in the ministry and we love to serve our church and people in general but sometimes you need a break to just "be"! Sunday morning we were able to just "be" and boy did God pour into us through the message.
Just taking a break with some nice cold cranberry juice! (I do not drink so no it's not wine!)
Actually we started our vacation, stressed, drained, and through the last few days God has released, refreshed, restored and rejuvenated both of us. It is good to go and take a break, get away and just be without any expectations placed on us.
After church yesterday we headed towards Lexington Ky and spent time with some other good friends. In fact was it not for Angie I would never have met Sean! 14 years ago I met Angie at the student center on Morehead State University campus. She was getting info. out about Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship and I was getting signed up for classes and taking care of financial stuff for college. She says God woke her up and told her to be there that morning so we both know God orchestrated that devine meeting that day. Thank you again Angie for being obedient to the Lord's wake up call! God used you to change my life in a dramatic way!

We spent the night with Angie, Will and their son Cameron. Cameron was just diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder so it was neat to see how he and Kris would get along. They did wonderfully! It was so nice to spend time with good friends. We played miniture golf (the kids and Sean-my knees are still recooping form the tubing trip).

Then we ate at a placed called Cici's Pizza. YUM! They had the best spinach pizza and the hot wings pizza was fantastic! I could have stuffed myself on those two pizzas alone. We had great food great conversation and just a great time with some wonderful friends!

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