Aug 1, 2008

Happy Brithday...

to my Dad! Today is not only my Dad's birthday but also my Uncle Dale's birthday! Happy birthday you guys! Dad, I hope you have a fantastic day! You so deserve it after all you have been through this last week. I know you will be surrounded by your kids and grandkids. We wish we could be there today with you to celebrate but know in our hearts we are and we love you!

Uncle Dale ~ You are like a second Dad to me. I have so many fon d memories of growing up with you in my life. I pray God blesses you as well on your brithday!

For those that don't know my Dad and Uncle Dale are brothers, born exactly a year and a few hours apart! God must have had a sense of humor that day. My poor granma, I would say I can't inmage what it was like to have two under 1 but, well I have experienced that one now haven't I!

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