Aug 24, 2008

Steel Marbles....

do not belong in your
mouth Kristofer!

Yes that is what I had to re-explain to him tonight at bedtime after we

had called IL State Poison Control. Oh what that boy does to me! I think I must shake my head more about him and his antics than any of the kids. Last year we dealt with him swallowing a very small watch battery and now this. Thankfully it was only one, but still!
Why Kristofer WHY?!? Why does a 6 year old put a steel marble in his mouth! Why do kids put things in their mouths other than food?! This drives me nutty honestly! But,
I actually know why...its his need for oral stimulation. But we have his chew sticks for that... oh the joys of Sensory Processing Disorder! UGH!!!

What's worse is I let them get the stupid toy! It was a free toy (Magnetix type of thing) from Toys R Us! Both of the older boys got them when we went to the store last week, using the money their Aunt Michele and Nannie gave them. It was marketed for children over the age of 3. Kristofer is 6 years old! SO I honestly didn't think twice about it. In fact all week the four of them have had a blast playing with them. I was even considering getting them for the kids for Christmas. Kristofer loves to build things and this was something new and fun to do.
Now before you send me a million comments or emails about the recalled Magnetix toys and all the stories that have been in the news, let me reassure you I have read the articles myself! But honestly I have been observing the kids playing with these little kits and they have been fine. UNTIL tonight. I thought I had them put away...little did I realize that Kristofer had gotten them out again.

So I get the fun "search & rescue" mission for the next few days till it appears. UGH! Oh the joys of that! NOT! I would much rather deal with marker on the wall than my next mission!
Sigh! The joys of motherhood.

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Angela said...

My, you HAVE had a busy week! SPD is fun like that...I remember discussing over Christmas dinner with a doctor whether or not we should worry about the army man Xander swallowed. Yes, an army man. Apparently it can take up to two weeks for foreign objects to pass.

Good luck!