Aug 23, 2008

Boys will be Boys

Screaming! Fighting! Yelling! Slapping! Crying!
That is what I woke up to this morning! UGH!

I hate waking up to my boys fighting with each other. It usually ends with Kristofer crying and running to Momma. Normally the fights start because of Kristofer. He has no patience and doesn't use his words like he needs to. He is behind on social development. Something we are working on at home, at church and at school. Thankfully at school it hasn't become an issue with him hitting others but it has happened at church and always at home. Which is NOT acceptable!

This mornings fight all started because Jaron and Eli decided they wanted to do something else. Never telling Kristofer they were done playing the game with him. Which made him lose his mind and decide that hitting Jaron and pushing Jaron's pictures, crayons and paper on the floor was going to make Jaron play with him.

I really hate days that start this way. Thankfully once we got both boys calmed down they forgave each other.

Kristofer's lack of social skills frustrates us completely. It use to be such an issue that we would not go out to dinner at a nice restaurant. We were always afraid Kristofer would start screaming in frustration. It was not a pretty thing when he was younger. Now days taking him and the rest of the kids to a nice restaurant is not an issue. Oh don't get me wrong, Kristofer still has issues with watching people eat in front of him and the wait for the food is excruciating but we know how to help him work through it.

On a much happier note, the first week of school went great for both boys. Although Jaron hates homework he knows that his teacher sends homework home every night including for weekends and we have been told that there are only 3-4 days through out the school year that he won't have homework. Which means homework for Christmas and Spring Breaks. YAY! NOT! But I get it. Kris has a behavior sheet that is sent home everyday. I spoke about it in an earlier post. It is fantastic! Great communication for us with the teacher.

Kris has a FANTASTIC week! He had no check marks all smileys! Which is definitely a great way to start the school year out!


Michele said...

Atleast I am not alone in how I woke up this morning- Except it was Marcus arguing with me- for no apparent reason- He is fine now and quiet- Thank goodness
Have a good one

Angela said...

Glad the first week went well!

My kids have been fighting like crazy lately, and the leaving one or the other out when playing-- drives me crazy. It's usually my daughter who is left out because she's a girl.

Peace in both our houses...I'll add some prayers for you!