Aug 29, 2008

Still waiting...

Well we are still waiting for that marble to pass. I have to say the treasure hunting is not my favorite thing to do these days! It seems as though what ever Sara was dealing with she must have passed along to her brothers. All three boys have been affected as well. I hate having sick kids! They are miserable which means we are miserable as well. Each one is dealing with a different sickness. Eli had a stomach bug that really wreaked havoc on his system...poor little guy couldn't keep in thing down or in. Kris dwelt with a headache and body aches yesterday. I am hoping he is better today. Keeping him home from school another day. Jaron is home as well. He has been running a low grade fever and has a very sore throat and headache. Thankfully Sara is completely better now!

As for the marble, the doctor consulted with a few surgeons and did some research and found that it could take Kris 3 weeks or more to pass this wonderful little thing. So treasure hunting we will continue. The doctor thought he would be funny yesterday. We were talking about options and what the plan is for the next few days and weeks if it lasts that long. He says, "Hopefully it will pass and you can clean it up and save it in his baby book!" HA-HA Doc! I don't think that is something I will keep. Let alone ever have in my house again! Although it is sorta funny it is still a bit scary as well.

This week has been long and I am SO thankful for all the prayer support we have gotten. I know it is because of prayer that Sara improved so quickly and that we have been able to deal with the marble issue and the fact that all three boys have gotten sick as well. So if you were praying for us...THANK YOU!

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