Aug 21, 2008


God is amazing! Let me share about my morning. First off I headed to the school with Sara and Eli to get them registered for pre-K. We chose the morning class and found out today that there is no afternoon class. Unfortunately they did not get enough children signed up for pre-K for our school and they lost the funding to have two classes. So their class which was 12 kids last year will have 20 this year. Many of them will be heading to Kindergarten when the twins do so that will be wonderful for them. They will already know many of their class mates.

As I was walking home with the kids I was looking around our yard and thought to myself, "I wish we had a new weed eater, the yard needs it so bad." Let me explain, we had a weed eater, just a cheap electric one but it did the job...well, till I used it and it burned up. Thankfully Sean was understanding and he didn't freak out about it. But because of that the grass around the house and around my flower beds and tomato garden have grown up like crazy. Anyway, I was thinking about it and just figured maybe someone in the church would let us borrow it.

This is where God steps in! I was fixing lunch for the kids and the door bell rang. It was our neighbor David. He was standing there on my front porch with a weed eater! He proceeded to tell me that he wanted to bless us and started weed whacking the tall grass and weeds! Isn't that amazing!?! I didn't even pray I was just thinking about it and God stepped in and blessed us today! This really isn't the first time that this has happened. It happens alot, but today was the first time in a while that God just surprised me with this blessing!

The Bible tells in Psalm 94:11a "The Lord knows the thoughts of man." How much more could this prove that the Lord knows everything even our thoughts, our hearts desires, our motives, ect. The Creator knows us and He wants us to know Him the same way!

For those that don't know or are following the plot of our car troubles, we finally heard from the mechanic that Sean's little car (which has fantastic gas mileage) has major transmission issues. The car itself is 15 years old and has way over 100,000 miles on it. So it really is no surprise that it was eventually going to start having major problems. But it couldn't come at a worse time. Our finances are strapped as many people's are, with no extra anywhere for a car payment or the ability to get it fixed. We really need a miracle right now. We trust that God will provide some way some how. We have no doubt in that. God has blessed us over and over with cars. Either people giving them to us (which the car spoken of was) or God supplying the means to purchase one through direct blessings to us through a variety people (our van is a result of this). So I have no doubt He has a plan because He promises to take care of our needs and He always has. We are trusting in His provision again.
But again we need a miracle. After David was through weed whacking for us he came back and was telling me that he has a friend that might just have a transmission for Sean's car. That he has the means to tow it to a different mechanic that will accept payments and is cheaper than the one we have been dealing with. Could this be our miracle? I don't know but God does and even if it is not I will still trust in His provision and praise Him for the many blessings He has given us!


Deanna Shrodes said...

Awesome testimony. I am believing with you for the continuation of this miracle!

Michele said...