Aug 27, 2008

The Events of the last couple of days...

have completely left me drained of all energy;
physically, mentally and spiritually.

Sara has been sick since Thursday night. Yesterday I took her to the doctor and he admitted her to the hospital. He was thinking appendicitis but wasn't for sure. All I know is that from Thursday to Tuesday her fever grew every day from 99 up to 104 degree temp. Her stomach pain increased to the point that we could not chalk it up to constipation. I spent all day yesterday watching my little girl be brave. Every time someone new came in the room she would reach for me. When it was time for blood draw, IV set up and other tests,she was very interested in what was going on but was so scared. She was so weak and lethargic that she really didn't have the strength to even fight what was going on.

I spent most of the night either sitting next to, holding or laying next to her in the bed. What a long night! In the middle of the night the fever broke and we had to change the sheets and her gown. But by 5:30 am her fever was right back up to 103.8 degrees. The sun was beginning to rise as I gave her the motrin the nurse had for her. She and I laid in bed and watched the sun rise together. It was beautiful! As I held her and she kept saying, "It's pretty Mommy!" I felt the sweet presence of God surround us in that hospital room.

As the golden rays of sunshine began to pierce through the darkness and the brilliant pinks and purples filled the sky, God gently dropped into my spirit, "ALL IS WELL!" Within minutes, Sara was laughing at the tv. Her fever began to drop and by the time the surgeon came in to check on her (for the 3rd time in 20 hrs) and her doctor came in both of them
were stumped! So we waited to see if the fever would come back, it didn't.
Sara returned to her sassy little self. Laughing hysterically at Curious George.
Making puppets out of her stickers and decorating my shirt with stickers.

Now while all this is going on, Sean is at the mechanics with Eli and he gets calls from
the school. Kristofer has a terrible headache, Sean had no way of getting to him. Then 20 mins. later, Kristofer has thrown up...Sean had to wait another 20 mins and then he and Eli rushed to get him. Now remember Sunday night he swallowed that steel marble. So Sean called the doctor and Kris was sent to get an x-ray. Here I am in the hospital...sitting with one baby and can't even get to my other baby. Do you know how heart wrenching that is??? It's terrible!

So the x-ray reveals that the marble is in his stomach still. It should be in his intestines by now. So now what? The doctor gives us some options...

1. Wait it out and see if it passes, come in and have x-rays again on Tuesday.

2. Wait it out and chance it getting stuck in his intestines and causing major issues.

3. Schedule surgery and get it out of there before it leaves the stomach.

OK what do we do? We have no clue. Our doctor is searching for a surgeon that would do the surgery on a 6 year old. Otherwise, if we have to have the surgery we will be heading to St Louis All Children's Hospital. Three hours away from home with no family members here. Now what? Well now Kristofer is laying on the couch with a terrible headache and a fever. So here's a question...does he have the same bug that made Sara so sick? OR is this all due to that stupid marble! Not sure and neither is the doctor.

What I do know is that my God is a God who can move mountains! My God is the God who created Kristofer in my womb and protected him when the pregnancy was threatened in the beginning. My God is the God who heals all disease and can raise the dead! SO I KNOW my God can reach down and move that marble from Kristofer's stomach and out of his body!
Please pray for Kristofer, Sara and for our family. We need wisdom through this situation and we need God's strength and healing to come down from heaven and touch our kids!

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