Aug 14, 2008

Settling for the Imposter?

As promised here is something else God showed me yesterday at the park.


As I sit here at the picnic table watching the kids playing a nice little bee is buzzing by. He is attracted to our soda cups. Sean inadvertently grabbed coffee straws instead of the normal straws, so we have red straws that seem to be attracting this little bee. Not only is the bee attracted to the straws but to the soda as well. It has been quite entertaining to watch this bee flitter from straw to straw, cup to cup. (yes simple things entertain me! lol!) He took long sips of soda on the lids of the cups which I have to say was very interesting to watch!

But here is what I got from watching the little buzzing bee. It was willing to settle for soda instead of the sweet nectar of a flower. That bee was attracted to what the world offered and it was a fake. What was even more interesting is that despite how many times I shooed it way or dripped soda on it to get to it leave it kept coming back for the soda. Now I know soda has a lot of sugar in it but why would it be so attracted to this junk (soda) instead of the good stuff (flower nectar)?


It still baffels me today about that bee. But aren't we just like him! I mean how many times are we willing to settle for the fake stuff. Oh it may look good, taste good and be good but why settle for the fake stuff? God wants to pour His spirit into us, He wants to bless our lives abundantly!

I remember a story that a friend told me about fake pearls. This little girl had a set of fake pearls and loved them so much she wasn't willing to give them to her father despite how many times he offered her a special box. He wanted to trade her his box that had something wonderful inside for her fake pearls. Eventually the little girl lays down her pearls because of her father's love and he presents her with the box. When she opens it she finds a beautiful set of real pearls.

God is like this like this Father. He wants the real thing for you but you have to be willing to lay down the fake stuff, the substitute, the settled for thing, and trust that your Heavenly Father has something wonderful in store for you!

I hope today you lay down the substitute and you find the true love of God!

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