Aug 20, 2008

First days of school....

Yesterday was the first day of school!!! YAY!! I have a love hate relationship with school, I love it because the house is quiet and I can actually get the house in order and keep it that way or at least till they come through the door. I hate it because that means I have to get up at the crack of dawn and I HATE mornings! I have never been a morning person I am more of a night owl.

The boys although Monday night swore they did not want to go, were up and ready to head out the door by 8am which was a huge relief. Kristofer really was nervous Monday night. But when I woke him up Tuesday morning he was up, ready and wanting to leave before he had breakfast. It did take me 15 minutes to get him focused long enough to get his shoes and socks on because he was so excited.

When they came home both boys were happy and ready to share about their day. Kristofer was the most excited! In first grade they receive a behavior sheet. If they go all day without any checks then they earn a ticket and at the end of the week they get to cash them in for a prize in the class store. That was exciting for him. I am glad he has these sheets because I will know for sure what is and isn't happening in the classroom. I think it is much better communication than what I had last year.

Jaron is excited about 3rd grade this year. His teacher loves science and nature. She has bearded dragons that she will bring into the class when she believes the kids have learned how to stay calm and quiet in the class. Jaron is so stoked about that. This teacher loves everything he does; lizards, frogs, bugs, snakes and turtles. She has them in the classroom and the kids will get to learn not only about them but how to care for them. Jaron has been an avid lizard lover since he was 15 months old and caught his first lizard in Florida. It's the one thing he misses the most from "home". Here in IL we have skinks and salamanders but no lizards like there are in Florida.

The boys have been begging me to give them mohawks. We have been using hair gel and creating mohawks but the boys wanted real ones. So I broke down and did it. I figure it's just hair and they are just kids trying to be different. Jaron is the one that it most stands out. Partly because his sides are much closer because he moved when I was using the clippers but also because his hair is white at the base so it looks like he has no hair on the sides. So enjoy these crazy pictures! BTW Sara wanted a mohawk too but I have to draw the line on that one!!! (lol)

The twins start pre-K 1/2 days Sept 2. They are excited about going too. They were really sad yesterday when they didn't get to stay at
school with the boys. Eli was super sad because when we were dropping off the boys at school he saw his buddy, Andrew. Andrew is now a big Kindergartener so he won't be in Eli and Sara's pre-K class. "That really stinks Mommy!" was Eli's comment. I reassured him that he would still get to see him but that wasn't what he wanted to hear.
Yesterday the two of them were so bored. Although they played well all morning the truely missed their big brothers. I have to say I am glad that they did. It shows how close our kids are and that is a true blessing!
Most of the day they played baby animals, which is why Sara has her doll pacifer in her mouth. Eli was crowling around with the bottle in his mouth. They were baby tigers at that time.
Later in the afternoon they helped me make a 1st Day of School cake. It was a surprise for the other two boys. Something I started when Jaron started Kindergarten. It great way to celebrate the 1st day of school! Yummy chocolate cake.

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