Mar 8, 2008

What a week!

As weeks go this week has gone by fast and slow at the same time. It started Monday with PT and starting the knew exercises to bend my knee. The first few days were great. A little sore but expected. Then on Thursday I got my knee to flex to a 80-90 degree bend and that was fantastic! Very excited about that!
Thursday night last week Sean and i were up all night with Kris throwing up. Well last night, again on a Thursday night, I was up with Jaron doing the same thing. But to top it off not only was I up with him every 20-35 mins. I was in pain. My knee is killing me!
Today I can barely do the exercises. The knee is extremely protesting! I am having to use my other foot to push and pull the knee to just get it to bend. Now before you write and tell me I over did it let me tell you my goal set but the PT is to get to 90 degrees flexion. I was told to expect this. I was also told to expect to take a few bends (steps) forward and a few back. Just didn't want to end my week and start the weekend in pain again, specially with Sean working straight through the weekend and doesn't get a day off till Tuesday. I will have no chance to rest it.
I am doing pretty good with my new eating habits. I have been faithful to count my calories and actually take time to see the serving size and measure the cals and the fat grams. I am pleased with how I have done. I think I will definitely plan out the dinner meals more for next week so I have a better idea of what I need Sean to get at the grocery store though. I did cheat and get on the scale a few times this week. I have bounced between 1-3 lbs loss. Tomorrow is my actual day to weigh in. I plan to weigh in in the morning after my shower. Then I am pushing the scale under my dresser and there it shall stay till next Sat. Watching the scale is one of the many things that sets me up to fail. I have no self control when it comes to weighing myself every day.
So my goals for this week are to not touch the scale for a week and concentrate on serving sizes at dinner and eating only till I am full. I also want to concentrate on setting up an exercise routine that goes along with my PT and making it a set time of day. I am suppose to do the PT 3 times a day so if I incorporate the other exercises in with it I am bound to start seeing a difference. I feel like I have lost at least 2 pounds. I know what does 2 pounds feel like? But a few of my shirts that have been tight are a little looser this week. So we will see what the scale has to say tomorrow. regardless I am determined not to base my success on the scale number but on how my eating habits are changing!

I am also basing my view about myself on how God views me...according to the word of God I am a precious jewel and a child of the King!

Good night everyone!

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