Mar 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

Today has been an eventful day! Up early with the boys digging into their baskets..fraggles, chocolate and punch balloons. Then everyone was racing around getting ready for church. Off to church...which by the way Sean preached like I have never heard him preach. Very proud of him! Great message too! Had a friend take a few pictures of us as a family and then back home. Once home Sean changed and then went out to hide eggs. We had 3 doz eggs and made it back in with 35 and then the neighbor kids found the last one and brought it in. I think it is the first time we came back in with the same amount we took out.
We have had a great day. Later this eveing we will have our Easter Dinner. It is cooking now...yummm. The family picture was taken by our friend Kathy and then our friend Angie did some picture doctoring and added the frame and background. We had just a plan white background that did not due our family justice. Thanks Angie you did a great job! A few of the others are of the kids finding eggs. Have a blessed and relaxing Easter Sunday and remember Jesus is alive!

Sara w/ her pretty yellow dress her Papaw Mac picked out!

Running to find the eggs...
Eli & Sara searching together!
Hey I found an egg! Eli shouts!
In the background what is left of the swingset!

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Leah said...

What a great family photo! Sara looks so pretty!