Mar 10, 2008

"Back to the way it is suppose to be!"

The title of this post says it all!
Saturday was such an interesting day. First off the night before we got about 4 inches of snow and I was expecting the kids to all be up early racing to get out in the snow. Instead the were racing to my room to see who would play the playstation first. Which turned into an argument. I kept begging them to go somewhere else, reminding them that on Sunday we were going to lose an hours sleep due to daylight savings time. Which I think is a complete waste of an hour. I mean honestly how much electric do you save a day!?
So instead of sleeping in which I had hoped to do I was up at 8 am with 4 kids arguing about who was going to play first. I tried drowning out the noise by taking a shower and singing loudly. Normally that will get the kids out instead Sara came in the bathroom and started singing with me. If I stopped she yelled "don't stop mommy!" Anyway after my shower I did just as a planned...the scale and I became one. I have to tell you on Sat. I very much liked the scale. I lost 3 lbs! YEA! That was my goal for the week so that was exciting to me! Now just 22 more to reach my first big goal of 25.
Needless to say the day passed and the kids never did go out in the snow. They complained about it melting and not being able to play in it on Sunday though. Anyway the title of this post is a quote from Kristofer. Kristofer likes everything to be the same. He can handle small changes and even large ones as long as he has been forewarned. We don't have a set routine but he does in his mind and he really doesn't like to deter from it. Anyway one of his favorite dinners is Jack Pizza made by Kraft. Easily found in the freezers at Wal-Mart, Kroger and even Publix. I heated one up with extra cheese just like the kids like. Handed out their dinner plates and here is where things started to deteriorate in our home. Kristofer accidentally placed his plate on the edge of the table. Not realizing it till it was too late, it fell flat on the floor. Cheese stuck to carpet is not fun to clean up!
Needless to say Kristofer fell into pieces and tears. He was so upset that his perfect 2 pieces of pizza was now on the floor. He kept repeating "my perfect 2 pizzas". I was able to get him to take another one but he would have to wait for more because I had to heat up another one. He took it reluctantly but kept saying I need my 2 pizzas. Once the 2nd pizza was ready and I was able to give him 2 pieces that is when he looked at me smiling and said, "I'm back to the way it is suppose to be!" Now anyone else would wonder what that means but for us we understand that it meant he had his 2 perfect pieces of pizza. This is how it is with Kristofer. He likes things in twos when it comes to food on his plate on most occasions. Many times he will have already decide what he would like to have for dinner and how it much look on the plate. If it doesn't meet his expectations he will either demand a new plate or rearrange his own. Just so you know we do not give into his demands but tell him to rearrange it. Occasionally we will if its just a matter of handing him a new plate but usually we tell him to take care of it himself.

This brings me to today's problem. Our school is small and so Jaron and Kris are able to play with each other at recess and sit with each other at lunch. Next year Jaron will be in 3rd grade and their recess and lunch times will be different. With this knowledge Kristofer's OT is trying to get Kris to sit with his classmates for lunch so that the transition to next years schedule will not be so hard on him. Well today the lunch ladies tried to do this without success. Sean brought Sara and Eli to school and found Kristofer hysterically crying in the hall. The separation was not a good thing today. Once he got him calmed down his teacher, Ms Robertson, who is a doll and I just love her and how she handles Kris, allowed him to finish his meal in the classroom. Thank you Ms Roberston! So Sean spoke with her after school and we think it is a wiser decision to have the OT present when they try this again. If it just does not prove to be a good thing then we will push for it to stop. Jaron doesn't mind sitting with Kris and Kris needs his brother right now. Next year the school year will start and Kris will not have a choice. It seems to work better for him if he has to handle transitions all at once and we think it might be better this way...New school year, new teacher and new lunch time routine. We will see how this pans out....

But for now "its the way it is suppose to be!"

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