Mar 28, 2008

"I can shoot water out the hole!"

This was Kristofer's response to losing his first tooth last night! He was so excited! It was very late, 11:30 and he was still up. We had a terrible thunder and lightning storm so he was curled up next to me in bed. I simple asked him if his tooth was still wiggly and he proceeded to wiggle it right out. He was so excited he wanted to wake everyone up. His first thoughts were, I have to call Granma Dede...he settled on calling her this morning.
Sad thing is we were not money from the tooth fairy to give. So this morning when he looked under his pillow and the tooth was still there he had the saddest face I have ever seen. I quickly told him the tooth fairy could not find the tooth cause he wasn't sleeping on his own pillow. Sean ran to the bank, I told the boys to hide their eyes or go back to sleep or the tooth fairy would not make an emergency tooth call. It worked! Kris was elated to find $5 under his pillow. Normally we give less but this was his first tooth and he was so brave. Normally the sight of blood would send him into orbit specially his own blood. The strangeness of a hole in his once perfect smile is something he has taken too. He told me this morning, "Mommy my mouth feels weird!"
Now had this been Jaron we would have just told him we will give him his tooth fairy money later. You see Jaron decided when he was 5 that there was no Santa or tooth fairy...we have never pretended there is a Easter Bunny. Does he feel left out, not exactly...he loves pretending with the others and even gets a kick out of their excitement. He has always been one to want the truth. Which is fine with me...eventually the other three will realize that we are Santa and the tooth fairy.

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