Mar 29, 2008

Happy Birthday Jaron!

I can't believe it!~ My baby is 8 years old!
Will someone please tell me how time flies so fast? It seems like only yesterday we was learning to walk with the aid of our dog Katie. It was so cute, he would hold on to her collar and she would just stand there while he took steps. She was always so gentle with him. Katie took to Jaron like Jaron took to her.

Since Sean has to work today we celebrated
Jaron's birthday on Thursday. We took him to his favorite place to eat...Cracker Barrel. You thought I was going to say
Mc Donalds didn't you! Then we came home to celebrate with ice cream cake and gifts. He was so excited about getting his gifts early.

My Jaron is growing up. He loves to listen to music and this summer is going to learn to play the guitar. He is so excited about this! I haven't seem him this excited in a while. He also wants to learn to play the drums. Not sure how we can teach him that since neither of us can play them. But what a difference it would make during our church services if he could play. Definitely something we will work towards and encourage him in.
Anytime Jaron's name is brought up at school all we hear is how great he is with Kristofer and with Eli and Sara. All the teachers praise him as do the OT, Speech therapist and even the principle. His Sunday school teacher, Ms Kathy just loves him and appreciates his willingness to help and learn. He makes us very proud.

Jaron is a great big brother! He does help alot with them. Just yesterday he was teaching Eli how to catch and throw a baseball and football. He loves his baby sister too. Although he likes to aggravate her till she screams her head off at him. I asked him why he does it and his response, " I like making her scream!"

Jaron is a good student. He loves going to school but hates the homework. Which I think all kids hate. He is a smart kid and learns things very quickly. He barely ever studies and still gets good grades. I have told him if he would study more he would get more 100% on his work. His response, "Why do I need that I just need a A not a 100%."

He loves to draw and has recently started writing his own stories and illustrating them. He gets it from his father, the writing I think but I love writing too. He has a wild imagination and comes up with some of the funniest stories. But I love it. He told us his first story when we was just three about a butterfly. I have it written down in his baby book that is stored away right now.

Jaron is one special kid and I love him so much. He is a lot like my dad, with his stubbornness but also his body structure. In fact my dad calls him Macky Peyton after himself. Jaron loves my dad and mom too. He has a great relationship with them and for that I am so thankful!

Jaron took his first communion on Easter. We were so excited for him. He finally is old enough to fully understand what communion is and why we take it. He loves the Lord and has a faith that surpasses anyone I know. When he prays he believes it will come to pass, its just that simple. It's too bad that we all aren't more like him when it comes to praying. When was little he prayed for a baby sister. Every night we would say our prayers and he would say, "and God give me a little sister." One night he prayed, "God give me another little brother too." Not long after that about a month or so we found out that not only was God answering his prayer for a sister but also for that little brother all at the same time. DON'T under estimate the power of a child's prayer!

Jaron today is your day! Happy Birthday buddy!
I know God has some awesome plans for you and
I am glad I get to watch those plans unfold as you grow up.

We love you!!
Mom and Dad

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