Mar 12, 2008

My Man!

Today is my man's birthday! Yes it's Sean's birthday and do I dare share his age...yes! He is 48 today. About 18 years ago, I was part of a youth group at Venice A/G. Denis and Christy Cain were the youth leaders then. I remember one night they separated the group and Christy shared that we should write down what we wanted in a spouse. I did that and as the years passed my list changed and grew and changed some more. Basically this is what I wanted:

What I want in a husband

He has to be 10 years older than me


Dark Hair and brown eyes

Must put God first above all else

Must serve in the church

Be honest and faithful

Be able to sing or play an instrument

I want someone that is strong in his faith and knows where to go when in need

Someone that wants a family and his family is important to him

Can make me laugh

Has a job and isn't afraid to do work at any job presented to him to provide for

his family

Puts God first, me second, kids then job

Be good looking

someone who is affectionate

These were just a few of what I be honest I got them all except the brown eyes! See when you place your future in God's hands He is faithful to complete! He is also concerned with what you need and want and He will give you much more than what you ask for and that is also what I got!

Today is Sean's birthday. I am so thankful that God brought him into this world! I am so blessed to have him as my husband! He is everything and more than anything I could have ever fathomed of having as a husband. He makes me proud to be called his wife.

Today, Sean I pray God will bless you abundantly, anoint you with Holy Ghost fire and that He will increase your territory. I pray that He will pour into you as you pour into others. May you be used as a match to light the fire of God in others. May God reach deep inside of you to the uttermost and breathe new and fresh life into your soul. May He open the gates of Heaven and pour blessings of health, provision and wisdom into your life. Let it be so much that it spills over into others lives.

Happy Birthday Sean!

I love you baby!

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