Mar 4, 2008


This pic is from a few weeks ago when we got hit hard with the ice storm.
It was so beautiful. I had not posted this one earlier.
The ice had started to melt and the suns refection off the ice
actually made the tree look like it was shinning!

This weekend we had absolutely beautiful weather! The kids spent two days outside riding bikes, playing super robots and in general just out of the house. I was even able to safely get to church which was such a blessing after not being able to go for 6 weeks.

Yesterday was my 6 week mark from my knee surgery. How time flies. I am learning more about processes and healing than I ever thought I would. Yesterday my physical therapist came to start the wonderful step of ROM! YEA I get to bend my knee now. I did pretty well too! I can start sitting in chairs with my leg bent instead of straight and stuck out in the air where it is a target for hitting. Although I am bending my knee now it is still stiff and tight, naturally after being straight for 6 weeks. Last night it was sore. Not exactly the knee but my calf and thigh muscles. It took me a while to fall asleep last night, which has not been uncommon the last few weeks.
Sleep seems to have eluded me. It could be because the twins are going through a stage of nightmares at night and wake up crying and needing Sean or I to sleep with, it could be because Kristofer is going through a separation thing at night and needs someone sleeping with him in most cases he wants to be with me, or it could be just because. Regardless it doesn't seem to matter when I go to sleep I will wake up and be awake for a few minutes to a few hours. Or I just toss and turn. Part of it is due to my foot. When you do not use your feet for any length of time they seem to fall asleep. I have been told that will get better as more weight bearing is allowed.

SO I was talking about the 24 hours time we have gone from 74 degrees back to 32 and by Friday we will be in the 20s again. Spring needs to come fast! Although with the way our winter has gone this year spring may bring more than just showers! It may bring some not so nice weather our way. I have been told it is not normal to have tornado warnings in the winter and that it is a prelude to whats to come... not sure how true that is but going to Florida would be a great spring break bad I am not allowed to travel or drive right now.
I so want to go to Florida to see my family and spend time at the beach. I am tired of the cold weather.

After all the snow and cold this is where we want to be for a week or so...

Venice Beach Florida!

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