Mar 27, 2008


Ok before my family flips out I better clarify the title. I did not crash and neither did Sean or the kids. Our lovely, fun loving computer has crashed! Thank goodness we purchased Sean's laptop last month. It is a true blessing to have not only for him but to me as well. It has kept me company when I have been resting in bed due to the surgery.

This is the third time that the wonderful machine has crashed. The first time it did this was in Oct of 2003. Yes I remember the date because Sean was in Honduras on a missions trip, I was very pregnant at the time (w/the twins but didn't know it) and I was panicking because I had my mothers business banking info on my computer...I was in charge of computing the paychecks! Oh that was not fun! My computer was down for 2 weeks. I had to wait for the HP System Recovery disks. Which thankfully I kept!

Here is the biggest problem when a computer crashes! YOU LOSE EVERYTHING!!! Now unless you are able to work around it and save the computer then you basically up a creek! The last time (3 yrs ago) I lost a years worth of pictures, all of the baby pictures of the twins. Thankfully I have some great friend that had saved them from emails I had sent so I was able to recover a few that we had not printed.

So this time my pictures are saved...hahaha computer I was smart this time! Actually I was thinking this was going to happen. We have been having major issues with the computer. I have installed virus protection and cleaned out 8 viruses in the last month. It has been sputtering, freezing and just not working proficiently. WHAT A PAIN! So on Sunday I spent all afternoon saving pictures onto a flash card. I was able to save all but what has been taken since Jan of this year. What is nice is that some of those pictures I have posted on here so I can go back to save them and when I get a new flash card I can add those new ones. HAHA computer I got smart! smart!

Here is what is interesting....when you have to do a system recovery process to your computer it is like starting over! You lose all the stuff you have down loaded and and saved in memory good and bad. Well when you accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior you too are being covered by the most powerful system recovery (Jesus' blood). All the yuck is washed from your slate and you are given a new life to start. Unlike the computer your good and bad memories are not washed from memory but they are covered by the blood. When you stand before God on judgement day can you say I have been washed by the Blood of Jesus!? Do you need a system recovery and a new slate to start on? It's super simple...Just believe with your heart that Jesus is the Son of God and that He died and rose again 3 days later for your sins. He shed His blood to create a bridge between you and God.

Just pray... Jesus I am confessing today that I believe You are the Son of God. Fully human and fully God. I believe you died an innocent death and just as promised are alive and sitting at the right hand side of God. Jesus I know that I have sinned and am not walking in Your truth. Please forgive me of my sins, wash me clean and set my feet on solid ground. Please help me to know Your truth. I love you Lord! ~ Amen

Now go find a Bible believing church, start attending services and get involved. If you have a Bible start by reading the new testament if not go purchase a Bible. Trust me you have just started on "the" adventure of your life!

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