Jun 17, 2008

Florida knee to Storm

Ok strange title I know but after today's OS appointment I have decided to change the name of my left knee which I have been calling the Florida knee, it's new name is The Storm. Why you might ask?! Well lets just say the knee is a major mess! Today I went for my 2 week PO visit. I got pictures. A few anyway there were 4 sheets and I was able to get copies of two of the sheets. For some reason there weren't copies of the other two sheets. Which they aren't much different than the ones posted below.

So I went to the apt and it went better than I expected. I was suppose to see the PA that had asked me last week when I called for stronger pain meds, "how many prescriptions do you have?" Insinuating that I am a pill seeker and I am not! Far from it! I would rather wait till the pain is so bad that I have to take something. I just don't like taking pain meds. I was not looking forward to the appointment at all. But instead when the other PA, Kevin saw me, I heard him say, "I am taking the Kelly case!" YAY! He is just so great, down to earth and has a great bedside manner. He really takes the time to listen or at least he has with me. Plus he has been in both surgeries with my knees! So he says to me, "Well Melissa how are you?" Now I almost cried and I had to struggle not to. Tears really wouldn't have helped at that moment. So I held it together and said, "honestly Kevin I am in severe pain, more pain than I was in before the surgery and I am at the point that I am regretting having the surgery." So then I explained the pain levels on and off meds.

He told me he wasn't surprised about the pain. He went on to tell me he is completely surprised that I was even able to walk on the knee before the surgery. He said it basically looked like a cheese grater was let loose inside. He went on to explain they removed the torn pieces of the lateral and medial cartilage. There was also some shaving of the back of the knee cap, he said it looked terrible but I forgot to ask what grade of chondromalasia I was at. I had some foreign bodies, or pieces of bone that had chipped off floating around in there and those were removed as well.
In this picture the top is the torn cartilage and the bottom is the removal.

The white pieces are of the foreign body (bone chips).

In the above pictures, 3 of them are of the piping. The metal instrument resembles a straw. It is actually pushed into the bone and then removed. Causing blood to fill the area and hopefully will cause the area to regenerate itself. Of which I am very hopeful.
From what I saw in the pictures I commented that it looked like a total knee replacement was in my near future and Kevin said he really couldn't comment on it but from his experience my knee is in need of one. It doesn't surprise me that is what Dr. Morgan had said after seeing the MRI but it is VERY nerve raking ..... I am only 38 years old. Dr Morgan had talked to Sean after the surgery that I would be needing injections after the surgery. At that time Sean could not remember what type they were. Kevin explained there are two that my doctor uses, Hyalgan and another one that I can't remember the name of. It is a series of shots that cushion the knee and is suppose relieve the pain. I am going to continue with PT for another 5 weeks and I go back to see my OS in July to discuss the injections and my options.
I am a bit frustrated with this whole adventure! I know God has a plan and I am sure sometime in the future I will be able to look back on this and see how God was orchestrating everything. But right now in the midst of the knee storm, I am frustrated! I am still trusting God for healing, and I still trust Him for the outcome. My eyes have not left the King but I human and I am frustrated. I am also blessed! Before we moved to IL we had no insurance and I have to say I am completely grateful for the insurance I have. It has truly been a blessing to not have to worry about having the surgeries.
The pain from this surgery is intense! I can not walk without the pain meds and crutches. When I do walk through the house without the walker or crutches I am doing so in severe pain. In fact Kevin reminded me as well as my PT that I have had major surgery on this knee as well, just done with out a 6 inches incision and a bunch of staples. Sometimes without the big scar its hard to remember that.

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Angela said...

Ooooh... those pics make me a bit queasy so I'm just gonna say I pray that all is better for you soon. ((HUGS))