Jun 26, 2008

The New Dew

So we headed to town today. The hairstylist
we went to see was amazed at how much Sara
cut. She told me this must be the week for
self hair cutting. Sara was the forth little
girl she has had that cut their own hair.
So she made it into a shorted inverted bob.
Very cute. She has a few wisps that are
longer on each side. We are hoping that as her
hair grows it will grow out in those areas that
chunked out by Sara and will fill in. I think
it looks great considering how many chucks
was cut out under the top layers of hair.


Angela said...

Oh too cute!!

Carol VR said...

I love the new cut. I've been fortunate that my children have never attempted to cut their own hair.

I love how you blog seems to flaot over the background. VERY COOL!!!

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