Jun 29, 2008

Happenings around here...

Friday morning Sara woke up not feeling well...fever and vomiting...all over my bed. She and Eli were sleeping with me since Sean was doing an over night shift. I have to say seeing Eli jump from my bed was quite funny. I have NEVER seen him move so fast in my life. Poor Sara. She was so sad, she knew we had plans later that afternoon to go see the new Disney's Pixar movie "Wall-E".

She seemed to improve by the afternoon so we decided to head to the movie. What a cute movie! So many messages brought out. The kids loved it. In fact no a single on asked to go to the bathroom which is normally what happens. In fact no one left the theater during the whole movie. I mean no one. I know cause we sat at the top near the doors just in case one of ours did need to go. Wall-e was so cute. Reminds me of the Short Circuit robot and of E.T. He is a lovable robot if robots can be lovable.

Sara ended up not feeling well through the movie, her fever came back and by the time we got home was close to 103. She was sick on Sat. as well. Thankfully this morning she was up and happy. So we headed to church. Great time during worship! The Holy Spirit was moving during worship. Had a great Children's Church service as well. I love it when things run smoothly with no meltdowns or misbehavior of the kids. I was able to get through my lesson about being a part of the church body and that they too are a vital part of our church. Good stuff, just good stuff!

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