Jun 1, 2008

A Place of Safety

Earlier this week Sean and I were on our way home from town. While stopped a busy intersection a robin caught my eye. This bird was flying back and forth towards the bottom of the pole that was holding the stop light. At first I couldn't figure out what it was trying to do till I noticed at the bottom of the pole there was an opening and a little head peeked out. Yep, it has a nest in this pole.
Ever since that day I have not been able to get that image out of my head. In the middle of a very busy intersection, in a small triangular section of concrete sits a stoplight pole. On either side of this triangle are pathways for cars to drive. In my mind I can't imagine why this mother bird would chose a place that is surrounded by danger. But in the midst of danger she found a safe place to make her nest for her babies. Something about that pole gave her a sense of security, enough to lay her eggs inside.

Here is what God has shown me this week through this image...He is like that pole. Ok I know that is a strange statement but its true. You see in the midst of danger He is a constant place of safety. In the midst of uncertainty He is a place of certainty, He never changes. In the midst of turmoil He is a place of solace. No matter what circumstances you might find yourself in; whether it was by choice, a consequence of a bad choice, or just a situation you find yourself in and had no power over, God is there. Maybe you are facing uncertainty in your finances, health or a relationship, know this-the Creator of Heaven and Earth, the same creator who placed you in your mother's womb, is All knowing! He knows where you are, what you are facing and He alone has the power to give you the strength to overcome, endure and fight. In His presence you will find safety, certainty, solace, and healing.

Many times we do not have these things because we chose not to follow Him and abide by His word. Are you facing financial storms, most of us are feeling the mighty dollar pinch these days with the way the economy is, but let me ask you this, are you tithing?? Are you giving above your tithe and giving offerings, supporting missionaries as well? We struggle just as much as any other person out there financially and yes there are times when we could really use the 10% that we set aside for tithe. But we have found when we tithe and it is the hardest to do that God rushes in like a flood and blesses us, our needs are met and somehow on paper it never looks like it can be done. Plus when we tithe not only does He take care of us He blesses us in other ways often times giving us our hearts desires, in ways we could never fathomed. ( I plan to write about how God is doing this for me at a later date.)

Are you stressed and worry about things? Have you truly place those things into God's hands trusting that He will take care of it according to His will? This is not to say that You are not a participant in decision. I have found that God helps those that help themselves as we. You can't sit back and keep saying, "Oh God please help us with our finances," and not take that minimum wage job until better a job opens up for you. You never know how God can use you in that minimum wage job to share His love with others. Maybe you have a serious health issue you are dealing with, I am a FIRM believer that God heals and still performs miracles, but there are times that you have to go to the doctor and take the medicine that may keep you alive.

Case in point, a friend of mine, Traci, was diagnosed with a leukemia a few years ago. Doctors told her no one as an adult has ever lived and beat this type of cancer. She had to have a bone marrow transplant. By God's handiwork Traci received that bone marrow transplant and she is alive today, cancer free...almost 4 years later!!!!! She gives God the glory! Here's my point, it was through the doctors hands that she was healed of cancer!

We had an issue with Jaron last month and we were told he had hypothyroidism. We called upon the elders of our church anointed him with oil according to what the Bible says and had the church pray for him. This week Jaron went back for testing and God healed him! We have evidence! God healed Jaron and the tests showed no signs of problems! The doctor was completely shocked. He was sure that the test this week would confirm the diagnoses. He was wrong and God stepped in and proved He is still God! YAY!

So what ever you may be facing, no matter what storms come your way, no matter what dangers may have you completely surrounded, remember the baby bird that peeked his little head out of the pole. His home completely surrounded by danger and yet was safe. Find safety, certainty and solace in love of God.

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Deanna Shrodes said...

Thanks for this blog - I needed to hear this tonight.

You are a blessing.