Jun 7, 2008

God is so good!

This week has been a long week for our house. Actually the last two weeks have been filled with activity. SO lets catch you up on the Kelly activities....in the last two weeks:

* Kris was baptized...YAY!

* Jaron was healed of hypothyroidism (with evidence)

* I was diagnosed as diabetic - controlling with diet and
exercise for 4 mo. then will return to see the doc and
do more tests and possibly start meds.

* Friday. May 30th, went to the boys' school musical...very cute!

* Sunday, June 1, had a Snow Cone Party for the kids celebrating the
end of school beginning of summer break.

* Monday went to the pre-K picnic with Sara & Eli. Enjoyed talking with the other parents. Got to witness to another parent about God's healing. Her 3 yr old daughter after catching the flu at 18 mo almost died, has a heart condition due to the flu. Such a beautiful little girl. Was able to invite them to church. Hope they come. Really pushed the children's ministries.

* Tuesday was the last full day of school for the boys. They went to school on Thursday to pick up their report cards. Both did very well! Jaron had all A's. Kris master all of the tasks he was to master educationally and on the IEP tasks. He master a few and for the first time this year was progressing on all the rest! Huge improvement for Kris. Both have been advanced to the next grade!

Which brings me to Wed. and my wonderful knee surgery on my "Florida knee". I have been calling it that so that family and friends in Florida understand I finally got it fixed up. YAY! Plus the fact that I just had surgery in Jan on my left knee. I had a scope done as seen above and the orthopedic surgeon basically fixed the two tears in the cartilage. One he snipped out the torn pieces and the debree left behind. The other he sewed the pieces back together and hopefully it will heal on its own. He also did some poking at the cartilage taking small pieces out hoping to create enough scar tissue to add cushion where the cartilage has been worn down to the bone.
I also found out I have Chondromalacia patellae which means "softening of the articular cartilage of the knee-cap." Basically the underneath of my knee cap was a mess. The doctor describe it as blistering bone and he basically shaved and smoothed it out. As well as did some smoothing (shaving) of the femur bone where the knee cap glides over it. We are hopeful that will take care of everything.
I go for my 2 week post-op visit and we will see from there. The doc told Sean I will need cortisone shots on a regular basis. I am suppose to get the pictures of the inside of my knee from the surgery. If I do I will post them here as an educational tool and so show off my knee. So far this surgery although has been painful has been a lot easier because I am able to bear weight on it as tolerated. Which I can only tolerate a little bit at a time right now. Everyday is a little better than the last. As long as I ice after doing my exercises and after doing any type of standing and walking I do well at controlling the pain that and pain medicine. Here you can see I have three incisions. Two are larger than the other. Don't let those small incisions trick you...small does not mean no pain! In fact in my case I was in severe pain and still have bouts with severe pain when not taking the pain meds regularly. I came home with an ace bandage from the middle of my thigh to my toes and on the other leg I had a surgical stocking. The kids thought it was hilarious. In fact Sara, our 4 yr old, wanted to know why I was wearing tights, and said, "you look funny mommy!" Which through tears I said thanks. The pain at that point was so bad I cried for 2 hrs even with the strong pain meds. The picture above was taken Thursday night. I had to change the bandages. Looks good! Today I have more bruising and no more ace bandage to wear except at night when sleeping. Although wearing it through the day does make it feel better. Today I plan to spend sometime outside sitting inthe sun. As you can tell I have lost my "Florida" tan. I miss Florida....you can be tan all year long all free from the sun of course!

God was good to me during the surgery. I had no nausea like I have in the previous surgeries. I also asked the Lord to show the doc that I did not need a lateral release, a lateral release consists of dividing the vastus lateralis muscle. By dividing the vastus lateralis, this muscle is weakened, and if tight, stretched out; hence restoring balance to the Quadriceps muscle. It would mean another 6-8 weeks off my feet and longer PT time. Thankfully Dr. Morgan did not perform this procedure. Which means I will be able to enjoy the summer a lot more. I prayed that I would not need the procedure and God answered that prayer! Thank You Lord! Later I will post about my first PT experience. Lots to me angry about here....but God has been good again and provided me with a very experienced PT and on that will help me where the other two have not! Explain later in a different post.

Get out and enjoy your day! I am!

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Angela said...

WOW!! What an amazing couple of weeks for you all! Praise God on the baptism and healing and I pray that you heal fast and have a clean bill of health in 4 months when you go back!