Jun 25, 2008

Sara cut's her own hair!

Pictures say a thousand words!

As I was coming down the hall to check on Sara who, at the last time I had checked on, was playing nicely in her room, Sara came walking down the hall and when she saw me she immediately said, "I'm sorry Mommy!" It was then I realized she had cut her bangs. As I turned the corner I saw a pile of hair on the floor. The picture below is only one of 6 piles of hair I found in her doorway.

That is when I started to investigate and really look at her hair. Sadly I think she is going to need a serious cut. If only we lived in Florida, her Granma Deedee or Aunt Jeanette could fix this for us. Now we will be taking a trip into town again tomorrow.

In this picture had she got the scissor against her skin she would have had a perfect mullet!

If you are wondering why her face is pink, it is stained from homemade popcicles. The bruises on her forehead and scrape under her nose is from a bike accident on Sunday. She decided to follow Jaron down a hill and although she knows how to brake she forgot to and didnt want to run into Eli. Instead she crashed, face first on the ground again. Same side as the last time she got hurt.
Funny thing about hair, we long for it to grow, hate to cut it when it's long and yet it continues to grow. In this case its a good thing. Sometime tomorrow I will post her new hair cut.... Aunt Jeanette think you can fly up here? lol!

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Angela said...

My daughter a few years ago decided to cut my son's hair... I was so upset because his hair was long (he can wear it pretty long and still look very boyish). Upon getting onto him for letting her he looked at me and said, "MOM, it's just hair". I think she still looks pretty by the way....she was updating her summer look?