May 29, 2008


I cannot claim to be all that political. I do the best research I know how of the candidates and issues and I make sure to vote! It's an American thing to do. It's something our soldiers fight for, our freedom to vote and for other freedoms as well. I am truly grateful for the men and women who are serving our country! THANK YOU!

I want to encourage you to read my husband, Sean's, blog The Observers Desk. Today's post is very insightful. I have never known Sean to be misquote the truth about anything. He was a newspaper reporter for over 25 years so he knows how the media can spin an article. I have found that Sean has been a writer of upper most integrity and has reported the truth about what he was reporting about. Please take the time to read his blog. He is a gifted writer and very intelligent. I am sure he would love to receive comments and I am positive that he would take the time to respond to your comments as well.

Be aware of how you vote for and or may vote for for president. I believe it is our duty and right to vote! It is also our duty to be aware of the candidates and make wise choices. To be honest I do not like any of the three running. But I still have to pray and ask God to shed His light on the darkness and help me make the right choice.

Go Check out The Observers Desk!

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