May 18, 2008

A mighty wind...

Well this weekend has been full. Full of spring cleaning the church and a bit of things around the house. Yesterday the kids were outside playing and Jaron and I notice Snowbell ( neighbor cat that gave birth on our porch just 23 days ago) disappeared under the ramp my dad built for me. So Jaron took a peek to see what she was doing and surprise! Two little baby noses peeked back at him. So cute! They were wrestling each other. Snowbell walked out and they followed. We scooped them up and brought them inside. I cleaned up their faces. Covered in dirt but so cute. We took some pictures, both appear to be boys, healthy and so cute! Did I say cute?! Here are the pictures I took.

See I told you they are cute. Jaron has named them, Socksy and Mister Mickey. Mister Mickey is in the front. Socksy is the one we saw born, all four feet are white socks.
The kids have fallen in love with them. We put them back out with their mommy. I was sure she would take them off somewhere but she apparently feels safe with them under the ramp. She brought them out this afternoon and they were wrestling with her near the opening. The kids love seeing them play.

Then today... A MIGHTY WIND CAME!
I am completely honest I have no idea where the wind came from but it came fast, strong and at the most inopportune time! Sara was opening up our front door which has a porch door that opens out. As she was opening that door, the wind caught it and threw it back against the house with her in tow! She went flying through the air, hit the wall while holding the door and landed on the ground after hitting her knee on the wagon and hit her right check on the concrete porch!

She had a nice goose egg on her forehead and some nasty scrapes on her check. But thankfully no broken bones or concussion. She will most definitely have a nice shiner in the morning. Poor thing! She was so shaken up she just sat in my lap with tears rolling down her cheeks shaking!

I have to say God was watching over her. Had she fallen an inch in the opposite direction she would have landed on a shovel that had been used to plant some flowers. Thank you Jesus for watching over my baby girl, again!


Michele said...

There you go naming the kitties you know what that means right- They are tooooooo cute.

Melissa said...

I know....we plan to make one our family member. Mister Mickey. But honestly Snowbell and Taz (her brother) seem to think they belong to us anyway even if we do not feed them. Taz took to the kids the weekend we came up for Sean to to be chosen as the pastor! Whats a mom to do when she loves all animals and so do the kids! Gosh if we were allowed we'd have a farm..or maybe just a pigmy goat and some chickens.