May 27, 2008


Well I wanted to wait till I had pictures from Sunday night's event but unfortunately I did not have my camera and my friends camera did not take good pictures that night. But I am excited to share some great news! As those of you that read my blog know Sean is the pastor of Creal Springs A/G. This month has been a month of baptisms. We have had a total of 7 youth ages 6-10. Now normally my husband would be leery of baptizing a 6 year old. But let me tell you something. This 6 yr old is one special kid! When asked, "Why do you want to be baptized?" He has stated numerously, "Because I want to live for God!" When ask, "Why do you want to live for God?" He states, "Because He loves me and He thinks I'm special!" We happen to agree with this wonderfully created 6 yr old!
SO who is this wonderfully created 6 yr old you might other than our Kristofer!! So let me tell you about what happened. On Sunday night Samantha was being baptized. Afterwards, Kristofer yelled out, "I want to be baptized, I want to be baptized!" Before I knew it he had his shoes off and was ready, as soon as Sean said ok come here, Kristofer was in the baptismal. He was smiling from ear to ear. Sean asked him if he wanted to say anything and he said, "I love Jesus!" I wasn't sure how he was going to react to being baptized, remember he has Sensory Processing Disorder....awaiting further testing for autism. Bath time is always draining for us. He loves the pool so I was hoping no screaming. He did great! When he came up out of the water he was like a fire cracker!
Have you seen adults that are baptized and come up out of the water praising God and occasionally are just so over whelmed by the presence of God they have a difficult time getting out or are so excited they are shouting and praising God? Well Kris was shouting and smiling and was jumping up and down. He was full of electric! Once I was able to calm him down long enough to get him redressed, he was bouncing around the sanctuary! So excited! He actually asked me to call his grandma Dede in Florida and his one true friend other than Jaron, Jay Short in KY. Jay and Kris have a unique friendship. Jay has called Kristofer, Christopher Robin since birth. So sweet that Jay is. Jay is autistic. His parents, Marty and Micheal are our best friends.
I have never seen Kristofer this excited or happy, well since we went to a dinosaur exhibit at a museum. We are so proud of him. I am the children's ministries director at our church. I primarily teach children's church but also fill in when necessary for Sunday School. I love teaching the kids. There are times when I don't feel like I am making any progress. But Sunday I realized that even when Kristofer doesn't seem to be tuning in in children's church, he really is listening.
Case in point, Sunday I was teaching about communion. He was in a corner of the room doing his thing, coloring on the chalk board and playing with his boat. I don't mind as long as he is quiet so I can teach the lesson. After the lesson is over I ask questions to see who was listening and who gets an extra piece of candy...candy is my best friend!
So I asked, why do you take one answers but Kristofer...."Because Jesus did just like the Israelites (he called them Issy people)." When I asked what the elements are symbols for Kris said,"Jesus' body and the blood he bled on the cross of us." All the while with his back to us coloring on the board. He listened to everything, digested it and was able to tell me what it is and why. How amazing is that! I had no idea he was even listening!

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