Apr 9, 2008

Today is my birthday! I have to say thank you to my parents. I was an "accident" but God had a purpose for me! My mom was very young when she had me and could have very easily given me up for adoption. Had abortions been legal at the time I was conceived I could have been dismissed as just a fetus. So THANK YOU mom and dad for sacrificing everything and raising me. I thought about writing down 38 things I have learned in my life in the 38 years I have been alive but decided to just focus on a few things....

1. Life is precious!
2. My family is everything to me!
3. Being a mom is a precious gift from God, even when I am stressed, frustrated and just plain
4. God IS my strength and hope, without Him I am nothing!
5. There is always tomorrow to accomplish what you weren't able to finish today, take time to
spend with your family first!

Those are just a few things that I have learned. Money, power and prestige are nothing if you have no one to stand by you when life's storms come. What I have learned the most is that family and friends are more important than money, power and prestige! God always comes first but He blesses us with family and friends! I read another blog almost daily.... http://www.lifetimeintimateportraitds.blogspot.com/ . Deanna Shrodes is a very gifted writer and co-pastor at Northside Assembly in Tampa, Fl. She is one of my good friends, Michele's, pastor. Anyway she posted a YouTube video of Madea and I love it!

I just want to thank all of my roots! For the friends that are my roots I am blessed to call you my friends! Love you!


Michele said...

I am blessed to have you as a root on my tree

Deanna Shrodes said...

I'm honored that you read my blog by the way. I was just reading yours today and I love your layout and colors...BEA-utiful!!!

I added you to my blogroll and also my links on Pastoring Partners. (www.pastoringpartners.com)


Melissa said...

Thank you Deanna! I love reading your blog! You are so open and honest! It's like a breath of fresh air to read! Personally thank-you for being such a great support for Michele and Marcus! Michele means the world to me, it's nice to know she has friends and pastors that support her as a single mom!