Apr 11, 2008

Cool Tool Winner

Our Kristofer is a "Cool Tool" winner! So whats a "Cool Tool" it is something the schools have come up with. Every month the school give the kids a word to focus on. In March it was "Appreciation". Through out the month the kids are watched by the teachers and staff to see if they are demonstrating the cool tool. Sometime in March Kris was observed being appreciative. At the end of the month they have a school assembly and recognize each student that has used the cool tool. For the month of Feb. Jaron was a "Cool Tool" winner...unfortunately we did not receive his picture.

Anyway, during the school assembly each child that has earned the Cool Tool ribbon has their name put in a bowl to win prizes....KRIS WON! Jaron shared that as soon as he saw the prizes and heard Kristofer's name called he knew immediately that Kris would pick the bear! Kristofer is a bear lover. He just loves them!

So I wanted to share the picture we were given. It's not the best quality but you can tell he is happy!

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