Apr 11, 2008

My Little Princess

Mommy and Sara getting ready for Aunt Jeanette's wedding!

My little girl is growing up!
The other day she came and brought me my make up and said make me beautiful like you mommy! What a way to melt your mommy's heart! I was looking in the mirror, had color processing on my head (gotta hide those gray hairs), had a cucumber facial mask on and she says, "Make me beautiful like you Mommy!" What a sweetie!

So she has been a helper lately, loves to mop my floor even if it has been mopped. I just wanted to take time today to share some fun pictures of my little girl. She has been into picture taking lately...posing with everything imaginable...SO enjoy the pictures...

Sara the 1920's girl!

Judah just loves her Sara!

Sara and her favorite puppy

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