Apr 15, 2008

Fruit, Fruit & More Fruit

Now doesn't that look so yummy! I have always loved fruit and a variety of veggies, I have!
We are on this 30 day Daniel Fast and to be honest I thought it was going to be super hard but I just don't miss the meat. I do how ever miss my coffee!

I usually only have just one cup but I savor that cup! But I am willing to sacrifice it for another 15 days to see the Lord do a miracle in our church and in our lives! I am believing in a total healing for my knees. Today I went and had another MRI done, this time on my left knee, or what I affectionately call my Florida knee since that is where I originally injured it. I am a bit apprehensive to find out the results. I have looked at the films and have no idea
what to look for. I even tried comparing the films from my right knee to the left. Let's just say that made things worse!
The Lord has been speaking things to me about a variety of things the last 15 days. I look forward to what else He shows me. Sean and I truly want to see a mighty
move of God's power in our church. We have a few people that are truly in need of a miracle and healing in our church. This past week has been tough. Satan truly does not want to
see God's manifest power in our church. He has attacked so many people, the ones we know that are fasting! Isn't just like him to try to distract us from focusing more on God! What a weak
little whipper snapper he is. Just made me want to focus more on God!
I know there are a few other churches fasting right now too! For those that are fasting for a miracle (Michele-believing with you!) or just fasting for some other reason...stay focused, stay in the word and stay in prayer!

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