Apr 9, 2008

I am blessed!

I posted earlier today is my birthday....well for another 1 hr and 38 minutes. I have had a great day. Spent the afternoon with the love of my life, Sean. When we returned home and the kids returned from school we had a small party. The kids love cake! Kristofer says, "It's not a birthday unless there is cake!" So we have cake. He whispered in my ear, "Happy Birthday Mommy, I love you!" Which I have to share is the first time he has ever said "I love you!" Without being prompted, so that in itself was the best present I could ask for!

I have to share the "Love Letter" I received from the love of my life. Sean always tells me he loves me many times throughout the day. Even when we have argued he always makes sure to say those three little words. Well today he did it in a letter. He gave me "The Everyday Life Bible" with commentary, insights and devotionals by Joyce Meyer. Joyce Meyer is one of my absolute favorite writers and preachers! She always tells it straight and I have never found anything she says unbiblical. She is a true woman of God!
Anyway tucked in the card was a letter that Sean took time to write. With his permission I am going to share it here.

Happy Birthday Sweetheart!
When I bought this for your birthday, I remembered the first couple of years we were married...do you remember all the books we use to buy for each other? I remember when you got me "The Creeds of Christendom" for my birthday and I got you the Max Lucado Bible for your birthday. I know things have changed, er, slightly since that time, but my love for you hasn't and grows with each day! Buying this Bible for you reminds me of how "unchartered" our course was when we started our lives together and you're the only one who could ever be by my side for the journey!

I pray that God bless you on this special day, when He brought you into this world and set the course for you to meet some strange campus pastor from New York in Kentucky with his Mick Jagger imitation. Thank you for being a wonderful lover, friend, wife and mother, and for being my right hand in ministry and everything else! I could never live my life without you!!!

Happy Birthday Missy, and I love you!!!!

ok I know some of you that read my blog may wonder why I would share this personal love letter....well here is why. First off because it is so special to me...it was exactly what I needed to hear today. But most importantly because there are so many people out there going through divorces or are living in marriages that seem to be head in that direction. It is so important to communicate. It is so important to work at your marriage. It is not easy! There are so many life stresses that can affect your marriage. But when you stand before God and say your vows you are not just repeating after someone, you are making a covenant not only with your spouse but before God. Our marriage has seen many struggles, trials, and storms...but we have also seen a ton of laughter, joy, and peace. We are committed to each other, to God and to our family. We will do what ever we need to do to stick to that covenant.

One way we do that is to make sure we work through our struggles together. We make sure to put each other first after God. We make time to spend time together: talking, laughing, praying, in intimate moments and just being together. We also do our best to tell each other how much we love each other in little ways and big. I am so blessed to have Sean in my life! He has blessed me with 5 wonderful children (one is an angel). He is my best friend, lover, husband, support, my safe place and a wonderful father of our kids. I am blessed and I am so grateful for God's constant reminder of that!

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