Apr 2, 2008

More, more and more...

If you're a parent you know that no matter how many toys your child has he/she will want more. Every time either Sean or I come home from the store the kids all ask, "Did you get me something....Did you get me a toy....Candy?" No matter how many times we tell them no they will always ask. Our kids are very persistent. Sometimes when they least expect it we will surprise them with something small or just a treat such as ice cream bars or something we don't usually buy. Isn't it a shame that we are not more like the kids...or maybe I am like them. I sometimes feel like I am the child who is constantly being told no. Then out of the blue God will answer a petition that I have lifted up.

"Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be open to you. For everyone who asks receives and he who seeks finds and to him who knocks it will be opened." Matt 7:7 & 8

This happened this week. We took Sean's car to the mechanic. I was sure it was going to cost us more than $600 to fix. Based on what I knew the prices were for the parts and for the mechanics hourly wage ( I was guessing his price). Sean was thinking it was going to be less than I did. So I just simply prayed as we dropped off the car, Lord please keep this bill below $600. So yesterday the mechanic called and there was a little more work to be done than we expected....my heart just about landed in my throat as I over heard Sean on the phone. "Lord please keep it below $600..." I thought. Sean comes in the living room and says I have to call him back, he says because of the extra pieces he has to order its going to cost with labor $350. I think I picked my jaw up off the floor. Sean was upset...why he thought it would be less than that I am not sure I thought the price was great! So God just dropped in to show me that He was listening! Thank you Lord!
This brings me to this...we as His children need to not just ask, seek and knock like spoiled brats! We need to come to Him as His children and ask, seek and knock trusting that He knows what is best. Regardless of His answer we must trust that He knows what is best for us and accept the answer. It is when you do not get an answer that you should be even more persistent. I have never know Him to change His mind, when I have been given a "NO" I have never seen it changed. No matter what kind of pleading I may have done a no is a no! But what I have learned is to be persistent in seeking for that answer when I do not get a "no'!
So with the leading of the Holy Spirit Sean and I have petitioned the church to 30 day fast. A time to set apart ourselves and ask, seek and knock. To dive into His word and seek His face. To hunger for the Lord and a might move of the Holy Spirit in our church and most importantly in our lives.
I am so hungry for a miracle in my life. I need His healing touch. I need Him to step in and take the pain of arthritis away. I need Him to step in a heal my knees. Yes I had surgery and yes it is healing well. But I have another knee that is injured and is having a lot of difficulty right now due to the added stress that my other knee is being protected from. I am in constant pain with that knee when I walk or even try to sleep. My fear is another major surgery. So I am petitioning the Lord to heal me! The last 3 months have been very long, draining and emotionally exhausting. Being a mom to 4 very active children and not being able to keep up with them has been even more tiring. I need this healing. But more than that I need more of God in my life.
Yes I'm a pastor's wife but more importantly I am a just another Christian. Being a Pastor's wife does not make me immune to the world or to daily life struggles. In fact I think it adds to life's stresses...Do I measure up, Am I doing my best for the Lord, Am I a help or hindrance to my husband, I worry about what church members think about me and about how my children behave in services...just constant things to think about...All trying to do my best for the Lord and support my husband as the pastor.
So I am not perfect, I need more of God and more of the Holy Spirit in my life. I have some questions I need answers to and some things I want to see God do in me, my husband, in my family and in my church. So Sean and I personally have embarked on this 30 adventure and are following the Daniel Fast. Thankfully I "love" veggies and fruits. What I miss is my coffee in the morning. But I will savor the Holy Spirit's presence as I seek the Lord in the morning instead of savor the rich aroma of coffee brewing.
I am sure as the Lord reveals things I will share...until then...


Michele said...

Are you ready for a miracle- I know I am -I am believing one for you as well-
Keep pressing in- He is so loving and so there right when we need Him.
Love ya

Melissa said...

YES! YES! YES! I am so ready for a miracle! I need a touch from God right now!

Angela said...

I love this post... God is faithful.