Apr 20, 2008


It is definitely spring here in IL. So many trees waking up and flowers blooming. Reaking havoc on many allergies. I have a few pictures I want to share. My favorite tree is this one that has small purple pink flowers. You can be looking across the landscape as you drive into town and amongst the tree laden areas see just a hint of purple and it will stand out among the rest. I have added a few pictures of that tree too. We as Christians need to be like that small tree. Show off our true colors for Christ and stand out for Him! We are called to be a light in this world...unfortunately many of us are just blending in with the other trees! I personally want to be like this one tree...standing out and shining my best for Christ!

Happy Spring everyone!
See how it stands out amongst the rest! This is what Christians need to be doing...not blending in with the world!

This is a red bud! Same kind of tree that we have that was injured in the ice storms.

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Angela said...

I want to be like that beautiful tree too...