Feb 28, 2009

Puppies! Puppies! Puppies Galore!

Ok so I stated a few weeks ago or maybe it was days ago, that our dog is pregnant, well last night about 5:00PM Izzy started into labor. She worked all night long, panting, pacing, whining and digging. I was up most of the night calming her. This morning no puppies to be seen but a drastic movement from up high to down low as the puppies were coming down. This is going to be a long day I thought. So we started our traditional Saturday morning breakfast. Omlettes and bacon. The kids had some choc. chip waffels as well. Kristofer's statement..."the bestest breakfast in the whole world, choc. chip cookie waffles and bacon!" After some breakfast of which Izzy enjoyed a few strips of bacon it was time. At 11:33AM baby #1 came out facing the world.
Little dark brown & tan little girl. Izzy at first was scared of her, pushing her away, shaking, and as I calmly sat down next to her she calmed down and laid in my lap and then started cleaning her first baby. I love the sounds of baby puppies. Then at around 12:18 baby #2 came pushing out bottom first. A little blond male. What was interesting is that Izzy had climbed into my lap. So this little boy was born right between my legs (the better way to say where he was born). I was thinking to myself...oh gross..yes I have had 5 babies but this was grossing me completely out! lol! Izzy looked at me overwhelmed and I told her to keep cleaning. Not much longer and at 12:50 puppy #3 came, smaller blond female. So precious! Izzy is now resting as the babies nurse.
Well an hour later at 1:49PM out came baby #4. A coal black with white chest baby girl. Izzy was up walking and was getting a drink and out dropped this preceious baby girl. She is such a good momma, she immediately took it up in her mouth and brought her over to the others and laid down to clean her. I am very impressed with our girl.Unfortunately we did not want to have puppies but God had other plans it looks. Izzy herself is a pup of 10 months. So this was definitely not planned and or wanted in fact we had an apt in Feb to have her spayed. I am a fan of spay and neutering. It just didn't happen fast enough. UGH! There were no signs of her being in heat until after the males were shoing up. Yikes! But here we are with 4 beautiful babies. Oh and don't forget Mr. Squeekers. Her favorite toy in the world! I know she has at least one if not two or three more, I can feel them but I can't tell what we have. Ok so #5 came so quickly that I was shocked! I was on the phone with mom and here came a beautiful black and white little girl. So cute...so so far 4 girls one fella. All will beed homes in 7/8 weeks. Anyone intersted let me know!!! OK so an hour later and we now have #6...yay a boy he is adorable. Black and White definitely australian shepherd markings.
If you look closely in the bottom picture you can count 6 pups...one is tucked under her from leg.
Mamma Izzy is very tired!
Our little six pack before any others are born!
Well approximately an hour later maybe a little earlier, out popped #7. Another little girl, This one is a darker cream/tan with a white stripe down her head. We have noticed that two of them that are black and white have distinct markings and have opted to nick name them as Panda and Mickey. Mickey has three black spots that actually for mickey mouse...well here just look for your self. The other black and white is the one we call Panda.
In this picture we have Mickey as you can plainly see but
also puppy #7 the little girl in the bottom right corner.
Seven for three wonderful hours. Although I knew eventually there would
be another coming. I made sure to check her tummy. Then the waiting game started.
I have to say by this point the little whinning puppies were not only geting on Izzy's nerves but mine too. At one point she got up to get a drink and ou would have thought she was gone for hours because those puppies started crying. In fact they sounded like what Sara sounded like when she was first born. They sounded human the way they were crying. Izzy even gave me this pitiful look like what do I do now? I helped her lay down and showed her how to nudge each one back towards her tummy so they could nurse.
This whole time our 4 kiddos were besides them selves with glee. Kris said at one point,"Izzy is having thousands of puppies!" Sara immediately wanted to keep all of them and Jaron I believe is wanting to keep one, two, three well all of them too. Eli is the only one of the four that was completely reserved about the puppies. We told the kids that they had to let Izzy do what she had to do. That if they bothered her that she would be stressed and sometimes stressed animals hurt thier babies trying to protect them. Ok so maybe we scared them into thinking she would hurt them but what ever they thought it worked and they obeyed us about staying away from the pups.
Well three hours later came puppy #8.
I think I am as tired as Izzy is. Puppy 8 is a little boy!
So our grand total is five little girls and 3 little boys. Izzy has done fantastic, I am so proud of her! What a good job she has done. Right now 4 hours later all puppies are quiet and Izzy and the babies are resting. Now it's time for me to hit the shower and then off to bed for me as well.

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