Feb 23, 2009

India Circus...guest writer

Wanted to share an awesome poem by my dear friend Jessica. You can catch more of her writing at: Simple Beauty
India Circus
by Jessica Smith

“Momma, look, don’t you see?
“The circus has come just for me.”
“Tommy dear, their in town,
for everyone that is around.”

Sitting in the brown wood seat,
The lights went dim, things hard to see.
“Ladies and gentlemen, time to start,
Get the animals, out from the cart.”

Horses and goats, came out first,
I took a sip from my Big Gulp.
Then came the lions, and little cubs.
Tommy swatted at the flying bugs.

Elephants and clowns danced in line,
as traipse artists flew just fine.
“Look up there, can you hear?
It’s a funny looking bear.”

Laughter rang across the crowd,
Smiles followed, cheers out loud.
“Now for one of our favorite few,
Baby Jim, it’s time for you.”

Limping down the metal ramp,
Baby Jim, was a grey elephant.
Six months old, no tusk yet.
His feet were cracked, torn and wet.

Whips lashed out on his back.
“Go on now Jim, get on track.”
Pushing him into the ring;
He cried out against the sting.
A tug was felt, as Tommy cried.
“Momma, stop them, they have him tied.”
Shoving spikes into the ground,
His little feet, felt the pound.
Rising in anger, I went down stairs.
“Sorry, Ma’am, stop right there.
No one’s allowed past this rope
Head back up, there’s no hope.”

“What do you mean, look at over there.
The trainer is hurting the little dear.”
“Yes Ma’am I know, but it won’t work.
This isn’t India, that’s the quirk.
“What do you mean? What’s to know?
“Lady, that’s enough, now on you go.”
With a wave, he shooed her off.
Instead she went in a lauf.

Grabbing the mic, people grew still.
“Elephants’ here are treated ill.
Stop this violence, stop it now.
Little Jim deserves better, this I vow.”
Suddenly, in a burst,
Little Jim took off his cuffs.
Stomping and swinging his gleeful tail;
Freedom had it’s final hail.

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