Feb 20, 2009


Well just a quick post, as soon as Sean returns with dinner I am heading over to the church. My plan was to spend all week working on the children's church room of which I must say is really coming together. But since I fell and saw the doc I have basically not done much of anything. I can say my head is no longer pounding and my neck and shoulders are a lot better, still hurt but better. The biggest problem right now is my lower back. I have a nice big bruise on my bum which just proves to me how hard I actually hit. My doctor thought I was going to say that my dog tripped me or something. Nope not this time.
Oh my dog...our dog...Izzy. We believe she is pregnant. Not all that happy about it! Honestly we were planning to get her fixed. Set the appointment and everything it would have been this coming week. But well in Jan she came in heat and we never even knew it until she broke her chain and returned with two male dogs. One big yellow lab and the other a red chow/lab mix. UGH! The next day we had a lot of visitors...a daschund, jack russel, a red nose pit, yellow lab and a golden retriever. Thankfully we realized the uh oh weeks were upon us and kept her inside most of the time. But there were a few times she escaped when the kids were coming in...
SO unless she is really good at having a false pregnancy we will have puppies in March sometime. What we know is Izzy is a border collie/australian shepherd/lab mix so no matter what the puppies will be big and beautiful. She is a beautiful pup herself. She will be a year old on Kristofer's birthday. Yes we know for sure her birthdate she was our neighbors puppy.
She is such a great dog. Hyper but as gentle as she can be. She thinks she is a little lap dog. She likes to aly on my lap with her head nuzzled in my shoulder like she did when she was a baby. She loves to play fetch with mr squeekers and she knows what I am talking about when I say, "wheres squeekers" she will run as fast as possible to find it.
Just an update on Kristofer. He has been attending a group therapy session learning living tasks and social skills twice a week. He loved it so much he cut his hair the other day. Told me he wanted to look like his new pals at therapy. So we buzzed it down. Then today Eli wanted his to be like Kristofer's so out came the buzzers again.
We are looking forward to spring break in two weeks. We were hoping to head home to Florida but those plans got nixed. Now we (the kids and I) are going to go visit our friends in KY. Heading over to see Elaine, Marty and Angie. I wish there was time to see all of our friends in KY but we are unable to. Sean does not get to take any vacation time until May.
Right now I am reading a great book, "Parenting Your Asperger Child" So far its great! I won it from Angela over at Memoirs of a Chaotic Mommy . Thank you Angela!!!
It has a lot of helpful typs on how to teach your child practical skills. It's great! This book and the therapy Kris is going through has been such a blessing to us!

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