Feb 11, 2009


How many times have you noticed something after days, weeks or months have gone by and feel like such a heel. Well that is me today. Yesterday I took our two kittens to the vet to get "fixed". No they were never broken but we do not want to add to our little petting farm that we have going on right now. Although we are now down one pet...Big Claw died (the hermit crab) we still have quiet a few animals. I love them can't help it but I think at this moment we need to lose a few more. Well maybe.

Anyway, this morning I was loving on Sugar, our white with gray patches (female cat) when I noticed for the first time that one of the large patches is the shape of a heart. It is actually very pretty. Here see foryour self:

I promise you I have NOT doctored this picture! This is a true heart shaped patch.

It's funny, it took me 6 months to notice that there was a heart on her. Now normally she is not allowed in the living room. We keep them in their own room because of the agreement with the church board...remember we live in the parsonage. But with her and Mr Jingles not being able to defend themselves from the dog we kept them in side last night. Both are doing well. Mr. Jingles just basically bounced back, less evasive surgery does that. But Sugar has been hurting today so we gave her some of the pain meds the Vet gave us. She seems a bit more happier now.
I wonder how many other times God has tried to get our attention through small things such asa patch on a cat that we have over looked. It just reminded me that God has a plan and purpose for everything and today seeing the heart on our Sugar Baby reminded me that no matter how much I mess up God still loves me!

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