Mar 10, 2009

Goings on...

It's spring break here for the kids. I honestly can't believe its so early but my kids are loving it. Thankfully the weather has been beautifully warm. I took the kids on Friday to KY and spent the weekend with my college roomates and their kids. It was so much fun! Just us 5 women with 13 kids and 5 are on the autism spectrum. Amazingly they did fantastic! One of my BF took lots of pictures which were fantastic! Here are just a few!

Tamara - Mary's daughter. Isn't she beautiful!

Lucy was so brave. She worked really hard at

learning how to slide down the fire pole.

We were all so avery proud of her!

Marty... always the teacher (smile)! Very smart!!!

Elaine brought her two little black poodles.

She is actually holding two of them in this picture.

Jay and all the boys were so sweet with Kayla!

Elaine and Kayla

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Anonymous said...

looks like a really good time..
spring break already???? wow.....