Mar 29, 2009

Happy Birthday

Ok so can someone out there tell me how to slow down time just a bit??

Today is Jaron's 9th birthday and I would really like to go backwards about hmmm, 9 years so that I can enjoy him as a baby again. He is growing up so fast and WAY too soon he will be a teen. UGH! NO NOT THAT! We celebrated yesterday because Sunday's are days that are full of church events and Sean must get some sleep since he has to work the over night shifts. We sure would like it if he could get on a day shift again.

We went to see "Monsters vs Aliens" and then had a pizza and cake party. The kids thoroughly enjoyed the movie and we had a great time last night just being a family and enjoying each others company.

Happy Birthday Jaron!!! I iwll post a few pictures later tonight. We plan to have a little party at church as well...just cupcakes with his church friends.

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