Jul 3, 2012

Summer is Upon Us!

So what do you do when you are given a wonderful gift from a sister n love (in law)... you buy a pool! The gift was for us and although on the outward appearance it seems like the gift was used for the kids in all actuality it truly is a gift to us.  It draws the kids out side, into the sunshine and they have a blast swimming and horsing around in the pool.  As you can tell:
 Summer is upon us and we have spent many days laying around, going to the lake,
visiting old friends,
Elaine and me...old college roomies
Our kids in height (not age).
 and tending to our wonderful surprise garden. Ok so part of it was intentionally planted (those in the planters naturally)!

 Our sunflowers and small pumpkin patch.  All from seeds that were thrown into the yard last fall.  We did not plant them but are happily blessed.  Behind the sunflowers we have found watermelon growing and are now blooming as well.

Surprise!  We have pumpkins growing!
 Cherry tomatoes and normal tomatoes, green, red and banana peppers too!
We are having a great summer so far.  In just a week my parents will be here for a few weeks.  We plan to spend time at their cabin with them, go to the lake and possibly a trip to the Cincy zoo.  What a blessed time we have had.

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