Jun 5, 2012

Our Visit to the Big Apple

Times Square
What a different skyline without the Towers
  What an adventure this vacation was!  On Wed we ventured back into the city.  This time our destinations were; Staten Island Ferry to see the Statue of Liberty, then on to Times Square to see the sites and visit the Toys R Us and then to see the Empire State Building.  What a trip.  Took a train into the city and then took the subway to the south ferry.  There we caught the Staten Island Ferry and saw the Statue of Liberty.  Which is a beautiful sight as far as I am concerned!  I believe everyone should make a trip to see her standing strong and proud!
Then back on the subway to Times Square.  The kids did fantastic.  In fact they loved every minute of it.  Toys R Us was a whole other adventure.  The kids loved it naturally.  With the Ferris wheel and all the different things, characters and animated creatures it was like going to an amusement park.
1st Subway ride
Loved this sailboat
Riding the Staten Island Ferry to see the Statue of Liberty
   Had one issue with that store and I plan to address it in a formal letter to the company.  Not going to go into the details here but I was one hot momma and I am to make sure that the company knows that there needs to be some kind of policy change in that store PERIOD!
Ferris Wheel in Toys R Us
Anyway the kids loved it.  They were so great.  We talked about safety before going and had buddies.  They got to use their gift cards that Auntie Caitlin gave them which made EVERYONE happy. 
While on the subway a gentleman played a song he had wrote.  Nothing unusual for the subway I might add.  But this was different because the song was about God’s love and how His love can heal all pain.  It was a beautiful song.  Sean even gave the guy a few dollars of which we would never do but felt led to do.
Later before catching the train home we saw him again.  This time he was witnessing to a lady and sharing scripture with her and talking about Jesus’ love for her.  It was a sight  I will never forget.  I took the time despite Sean’s pleading to go to tell the gentleman that his song really touched my heart and told him I would be praying for him.  I hope he was able to lead that woman to Christ!

Lady Liberty
Penn Station
On the other hand we also saw another guy on the subway begging people for money saying he was homeless and was hungry.  Now don’t get me wrong he might have been but most homeless people do not have money from the subway, most do not look or smell clean or wear top notch clothing either!!!  This guy gave me the creeps and despite the fact that Kris really wanted to give the guy his gold $ coin I had to explain to him that we don’t always give money away to people that do not seem to be what they claim.  It was hard to tell him now because I know in his heart he really wanted to help the guy.  But as we talked about it I asked Kris if he felt God wanted him to give it to the guy or if he felt guilty that he had the coin and the guy didn’t.  He told me he felt guilty.  I told him God would not make him feel guilty about having the coin, but that God would make him feel happy about giving it to the man.  It was a hard situation and sadly there are so many con-artist in NY that sometimes it’s hard to know who really needs help.

Loved this little church amongst the sky scrappers.
All in all it was a GREAT DAY in the Big Apple!

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